In our wide product range, you will find the right solutions for greenhouses, growing vegetables, fruits, or ornamental plants.

LIFSAN greenhouse equipment is used in greenhouses in Europe and Eastern European countries.

Greenhouse Gutters and Tubes

Fastening Equipments

Pipes and Tubes

Processed Pipes

Galvanized Sheet Metal


Soilless Agricultural Equipment

Greenhouse Types

Greenhouse Equipment for Need

We offer the right solutions to our customers' different needs and expectations with our own design and production greenhouse equipment.

Years of Experience

As a brand with many years of experience and tradition, we offer non-random solutions to our customers.

Technological Equipment

We provide professional services by designing and manufacturing comprehensive equipment, including industrial machines for professional greenhouses.

Professional Greenhouse Equipment

The proper functioning of a greenhouse, and therefore the profitability of cultivation, depends on different factors. One of these factors is greenhouse equipment, which affects the automation of certain plant care processes while providing a stable growth environment for even the most demanding species such as fruit, vegetables, and flowers.